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No matter what you are looking for in a garage door, Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Los Angeles has your garage door waiting for you and calling out for you now! We know that you want to be sure you can afford new door installations, but that is why we are saying to come to Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Los Angeles we know you can afford us! Call or contact us at (310) 906-1683.


New Garage Door Installation

Los Angeles CA

main goal is to help you with all your emergency garage door repairs and installations at the best and most affordable prices.


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Proudly Serving The Los Angeles Area For Years

We started with one garage door, decades ago and found our passion. We formed a company based on that passion and we have never looked back. glass_garage_doorWe are focused on our customers and the future's looking bright for new door installations! We at Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Los Angeles are all about options, and we have more than you can count of options. We offer dozens of services, thousands of styles, looks, colors and designs, along with so much more!

This isn’t a job you can DIY (do it yourself), you need an expert for your garage door installation. Why call someone else? We are available 24/7 and can be at your door at a moment’s notice, all within a schedule you set. At Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Los Angeles you have the power to choose no matter what it is you are looking for!

We have a phone line open just for you, call (310) 906-1683!

Our new door installation options & more

We told you we have options, and we meant loads of them. There are so many things available for your garage door that you may find it hard to choose! Don’t worry though, we have experienced new door installation experts that will walk you through every step of the way.

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Just to mention a few of our options for our customers:

*Overhead Garage Door Installation
*Garage Door Installation
*Garage Door Installation and Repair
*Residential Garage Door Installation
*Overhead Garage Door Installation
*New door installations
*And even more!